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B-Boardinghouse Düsseldorf

Urban Hospitality Concepts

Urban Hospitality Concepts

Berning Hospitality Group


The Berning Hospitality Group dedicates its strong intuition and experience to developing and marketing modern living concepts with an eye for great design – responding to the growing demand for flexible living and working solutions. The exclusive spaces integrate modern design with a focus on well-being. The included and optional services and amenities provide hotel-style comfort with the greatest possible flexibility for everyone’s work schedules and lifestyles.

In addition to the strong focus on design and service, sustainability is a major aspect of our project planning and implementation. The Berning Hospitality Group is committed to environmentally sound business practices that conserve resources, especially in the context of economic and ecological requirements – from the sustainable restoration and maintenance of vintage buildings to reusable modular new constructions.


Gordon Berning:
Cooking is the Foundation

Gordon Berning always wanted to run his own hotel. He feels that it’s a great advantage that this path to achieving his goal involved a career in cooking. “Cooking is my foundation,” the entrepreneur explained. He opened a restaurant in Salzburg with his then partner Andreas Kaiblinger, that earned two toques and one star. Creativity and efficiency were just as important to this success as the art of improvisation and flexibility to meet all customer demands. All of this helped him to turn his hospitality concepts into reality – unique, sustainable and stylish. With a keen instinct for design and original details, Gordon Berning creates elevated, modern concepts for flexible working and living in urban spaces. Conserving resources is a main aspect of these developments: from the sustainable restoration and maintenance of vintage buildings to modular new constructions.


Stylish, modern hospitality concepts in urban spaces designed for short- and medium-term working and living, as well as student housing.


Urban Design Apartments
Medium-term living and working in modern, fully equipped apartments with flexible stays and lots of services.


Urban Design Hotels
Short-term, flexible living and working in comfortable rooms or apartments that leave nothing to be desired.

Our Family History

The eventful history of the Bernings is shaped by diversity, performance, independence and flexibility. These qualities, which describe four generations of this entrepreneurial family‘s creativity, have proven effective against obstacles of all kinds – and continue to be keys to success today.